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Delivery service

Delivering a Happy New Year -
From Your Local Courier Company in the UAE

The CEP industry has had another active year of progress and advancement worldwide, and the UAE is no exception. Here at OCS, we have been busy year-round transporting goods from client to recipient at greater volumes than ever before. It has not been without its challenges either! But we would like to think we have risen to meet this head-on for our clients- and to exceed their expectations in our quest to become your go-to courier company in UAE. In fact, when it comes to which courier is best for Dubai, we would humbly like to suggest it might well be us!

Delivery service

Triumphs of Technology

The world has been recovering from COVID, and the UAE’s e-commerce industry has grown from strength to strength. This has meant more congestion on roads and transport networks, and an increased number of deliveries to be made alongside that. Luckily our domestic courier services in Dubai and beyond are equipped to navigate the best routes, with state-of-the-art live traffic tracking technologies.

GPS systems mean our couriers can be updated in real-time on which are the most efficient routes to take, and which thoroughfares are best avoided. This permits them to choose the best paths and adapt their journeys accordingly. 


The same technology also allows us to keep precise tabs on each and every parcel and letter’s advancement toward its destination. Clients can check up on their item’s progress in real time through our tracking services. This provides easy updates as and when they’re wanted, giving our customers ultimate peace of mind.


Spectacular Staff

Naturally, the festive season brought with it the increases in parcel volume seen in each year’s holiday period. Our couriers and staff brought their A-game to meet this yearly challenge, and we have the deepest appreciation for their efforts. The assistance of seasonal staff to lend a hand where it’s been needed cannot be overlooked either. It truly is always a team effort, and what a team we have here!

There’s little left for us to humbly thank our loyal customers for their continued business and support throughout the year. It is for you that we continually strive to improve service and efficiency, to reach ever greater heights. To all our employees and clientele, here’s to more parcels, more deliveries, and even greater year going forward. 


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