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  • I wish to open an account with OCS.
    Please fill the inquiry form in contact us page. Our sales team will contact you by email or phone.
  • Please advise your collection point ?
    You can bring to our customer service counter in our office or book a collection request online.
  • Is there any item not included in the courier service?
    Please refer to our Standard Conditions of Carriage for items that are prohibited.
  • Does OCS carry heavy bulky shipment besides small parcel express?
    Yes, it will be under Economy express
  • Do you handle dangerous good to overseas?
    Yes, Dangerous Goods can only be sent by Cargo Service.
  • Does OCS collect shipment anywhere in UAE?
    OCS collects anywhere in UAE
  • What is volumetric weight?
    According to IATA regulation, the actual weight of the parcel is defined to be 1 kg of the volume of 5000 cm3. Formula = (Length cm X width cm X Height cm) / 5000
  • Do you do delivery to PO Box Address?
    Since it is important to obtain acknowledgement receipt, we in principle do not accept delivery to a PO Box as signature cannot be obtained.
  • Is there any possibility of collecting payment from consignee?
    It is only possible for certain locations. Please check with our customer service representative for details.
  • What is the compensation limit against loss or delay?
    Compensation limitation is according to our Standard Conditions of Carriage for UAE.
  • Do you request certificate of origin and visa beside commercial invoice from consignee?
  • Why do you need attach commercial invoice to the shipment Sample?
    Commercial Invoice is required when exporting your parcel shipment to overseas. It is an essential document for customs declaration to the country you send to. When processing customs clearance, depending on the amount you declared, import tax is levied. In this aspect, you need to attach an invoice even though there is no commercial value to the shipment. If you declared only the model number of the parts with the word "sample" without a value, the information may not be sufficient for the customs to determine and clear the shipment. This may result in an inspection and thus the process of Import and Export clearance is delayed.
  • What is customs value and how do I determince?
    The customs value of your shipment determines how much import duty you will have to pay. The customs value of your shipment should be the shipment's net value.
  • What is ETA – Estimated Time if Arrival?
    The ETA is the assumed time of arrival for any carrier.
  • What is GRI – General Rate Increase
    When demand increases, Ocean Carriers will increase their prices. This is known as GRI
  • What is HazMat – Hazardous Materials?
    Chemicals or items which present a danger to the environment or public safety require extra precautionary measures. These materials are regulated under the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration regulations (49 CFR 100-199).
  • What is INCO – International Commercial Terms?
    INCO, or Incoterms characterize the responsibility and rights of each agent in a sales contract. They determine at which point the legal possession transfers between buyer and seller.
  • What is POD – Proof of Delivery?
    The signature of a package’s recipient serves as a proof of delivery.
  • What is Supply Chain?
    The supply chain refers to any aspect of a products journey from its manufacture to its delivery. This could include factories, freight operators, brokers, warehouses, stores or logistical companies. For clarification of any other terminology or processes, you can get in touch by clicking here.
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