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How Do Holiday Seasons Affect Delivery Times?

The holidays bring numerous issues for the courier, express, and parcel (CEP) industry. The unique needs of customers and businesses at this time of year require proactive solutions. From increased numbers of items to be delivered to inclement weather conditions, discover how we work to meet these challenges. 

Moving Day

Increased Mail Volume and Reduced Man Hours

From Black Friday onwards, the holiday shopping season gets into full swing worldwide. Year-on-year, as more shopping is done online, ever more parcels and items need to be shipped from sender to recipient. Of course, mail workers are also celebrating the holidays, so their days off impact when those parcels can be delivered.

CEP firms can rise to tackle this, and hiring seasonal workers (often at enhanced rates of pay) can offset any delays. Search for ‘courier services near me’ in December, and you’ll likely find plentiful job listings on the results page!

Unfortunately, hiring expensive temporary workers to fill in seasonal gaps has consequences for companies’ bottom lines. Many customers ask do shipping costs go up around the holidays, and sadly the answer is unavoidable yes.

By shipping early before costs rise, or taking advantage of membership and loyalty schemes, it’s possible to avoid being hit too badly by these price hikes. Using a local cargo and logistics company in Dubai instead of international firms like UPS or FedEx can also help save money in this regard.

Infrastructure Challenges and Inclement Weather

Roads and travel networks are also under pressure during the holiday times. More people are moving from A to B than at most other times of the year, while weather conditions are often less than favourable. With roads clogged and storms hitting, drivers can face significant delays.

Being aware of these challenges well in advance can help CEP firms minimise hold-ups, ensuring deliveries get there on time. Modern technologies allow us to track weather conditions and storm systems, so we can inform our couriers and help plan routes.

Live updates on traffic congestion and roadworks also allow drivers to adjust their routes in real time. This helps to achieve maximum efficiency on delivery routes and avoid the worst potential slowdowns.

Naturally, acts of God cannot always be accounted for, and sometimes the weather wreaks havoc on the networks. Where conditions cause unavoidable delays, live parcel tracking and transparent communication with customers can provide reassurance. Informing clients exactly where items are, that they are safe and that everything possible is being done to deliver their goods on time goes a long way.

The holiday seasons do bring challenges for all companies transporting goods from client to recipient. By giving customers realistic expectations, and providing information early about costs and last shipping days, CEP firms can ensure every parcel gets there on time, creating happy holidays for all

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