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Postal Boxes

How to Pack Awkward or Large Items

Not everything being sent through a courier was designed with postage in mind. Strangely shaped or large items can prove to be a particularly difficult challenge. The trick is to have all the right materials the task at hand therefore making easy work for your courier service. Labelling the item correctly can also help out at customs clearance. 

Here’s a list of materials that you might find handy: -
•    Cardboard boxes
•    Parcel tape
•    Packing peanuts
•    Packing paper
•    Foam sheets
•    Foam bricks
•    Bubble wrap
•    Shrink wrap
•    Old towels/clothes/bedding

Now we have a professional packer’s inventory, let’s take a look at some of the tricks to keeping your goods safe during transport. 

Postal Boxes

Strange and Awkward Shapes

When packing unusual shaped items, the first consideration should be given to its overall size. Does the item come apart; can it be broken down into smaller pieces that may fit into a more conventional box?

If it can be disassembled, then use foam sheets, old towels or clothes in between the pieces to protect them during transit. If there are any hollow parts, you might consider packing them out, especially if the item is delicate. 

If you cannot disassemble the item, you need to find a box that fits the dimensions at the item’s largest length/width/height. When you have found a suitable box, it is a good idea to line the bottom with some protection, be that some foam sheets, a blanket or towels etc. 

With the item placed in the box on top of the protective base, you can carefully pack around it with scrunched up paper, packing peanuts, foam bricks or whatever fits best. For heavier items, you should use more dense packing protection. 

Pro tip - Remember to mark your box to notify any handlers which way up it should be and also if there are any delicate items within. 



Large Items

Some large items, or items which may require a non-standard box size require a little ingenuity, and a few regular cardboard boxes.

For tall/long items, try and find two cardboard boxes that cover roughly half the length or height. Fitting one end in one of the boxes, leave the flaps on the box extended. Using the other box to cover the item, you can join the boxes using their lid flaps, then tape together.

For wide items, take 2 boxes that fit the less awkward dimensions of your item. Closing the boxes up, cut one side off each, then use them to encase the item and tape the boxes together.

If you are still struggling or require advice on shipping unusual or awkward items, you can get in touch here. To request a rate or quote for an item, you can follow this link.

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