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Company History

About us

Overseas Courier Service Dubai established in 1991 as joint venture between OCS ANA Group Tokyo, Japan and Jashanmal National Company Dubai. OCS Dubai is acting as hub for all middleeast stations to cater the express services needs of customers in this region.

OCS Tokyo was organised in 1957 by a syndicate of key newspaper publishers in Tokyo, Japan, as a universal, express delivery system for time-sensitive commercial publications. It was the first such set apart global network, devoted entirely for overseas airborne shipping.


At first, OCS concentrated on next-day delivery of fiscal news, within the main markets of Asia. Later, OCS had expanded the system to handle express delivery from Asia to all other major commercial focuses throughout the growing overall economy.


Today OCS associates every business market on every continent, capable of delivering to nearly 200 countries, presently delivering 70 million international packages each year.


With 250 global stations, and thousands of employees working around the clock, OCS is constantly in motion to move your urgent shipments anywhere in the world. OCS provides fast, reliable, and seamless door-to-door delivery of your shipments large and small. OCS can take your business to nearly every country, on every continent.


Ensure quality service delivery to support the vision of OCS. We will achieve this value by working through three strategic themes.

Customer Focus

Work Closely with our customer to delivery, safe, reliable and cost effective service, while continuously meeting their needs and expectations

Operational Excellence

With 6 decades of industrial  experiences, OCS operational process is streamlined to enable the efficient delivery of courier services.

Timely Delivery

OCS robust system helps one to track orders effectively and enables our team to deliver on time without fail.


Our Team

OCS Team is made of experienced management and dedicated sales and support professionals with years of experience in service, courier and logistics industries


Our team focus is on the quality service and strenghten the client relationship by providing one stop solution for clients need.

Our Team
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